Borek Stick Chicken Gyros-Tzatziki 100g
Art.-Nr.: 10344
Dough-based stick filled with juicy chicken gyros and savoury tzatziki.
Borek Stick Forest fruit-Cream cheese 100g
Art.-Nr.: 10345
Dough-based stick with a filling of creamy cream cheese and fruity forest fruit.
Borek Stick Moussaka Style 100g
Art.-Nr.: 10339
Dough-based stick with an aromatic moussaka style filling made from mild aubergine, juicy minced meat and spicy onions.
Borek Feta-Cheese Tart 220g
Art.-Nr.: 10328
Dough-based tart filled with whey cheese from goat's milk and real feta cheese.
Borek Stick Feta-Cheese 100g
Art.-Nr.: 10327
Dough-based stick filled with whey cheese from goat’s milk and real feta cheese.
Borek Stick Spinach-Feta 100g
Art.-Nr.: 10342
Dough-based stick filled with fresh spinach and feta.
Borek Stick Minced Meat 130g
Art.-Nr.: 10331
Dough-based stick filled with succulent minced meat.