Butter Croissant Chocolate Cream 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60103
Flaky butter croissant with a delicious chocolate filling.
Veggie Croissant Ham and Cheese 105g
Art.-Nr.: 60100
Crispy butter croissant filled with a vegetarian slice of ham from chicken egg white and aromatic cheese.
Veganz Chocolate Croissant 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60048
Flaky croissant with a delicious chocolate filling and a Chocolate topping.
Multigrain Croissant Ham-Cheese 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60064
Crispy multigrain croissant, filled with tasty ham and melted cheese. Rounded off with a crunchy cheese and seed topping.
Butter Croissant 3.0 80g
Art.-Nr.: 60067
Especially light and flaky croissant with 30% butter.
Butter Croissant Praline 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60148
Light and crispy butter croissant with a heavenly praline-chocolate-cream filling. Finished with a delicious cookie-crunch topping.
Butter Croissant Vanilla-Caramel 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60110
Fine crispy butter croissant vanilla-caramel with a creamy filling á la créme brûlée and a fine caramel note. Rounded off with a crunchy hail sugar topping.
Multigrain Croissant 80g
Art.-Nr.: 60060
Light and crispy multigrain croissant with a crunchy seed topping.
Pretzel Butter Croissant, curved 80g
Art.-Nr.: 60052
Crispy, savoury lye croissant.
Butter Chocolate Bun 85g
Art.-Nr.: 60101
Finely buttery puff pastry bun filled with two richly delicious chocolate sticks.
Croissant Ham-Cheese 105g
Art.-Nr.: 60200
Crispy croissant filled with a delicious slice of ham and aromatic cheese.
French Butter Croissant, curved 90g
Art.-Nr.: 60053
Especially light and flaky croissant, part sourdough, with a buttery taste.
Butter Croissant Nut Nougat 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60104
Flaky butter croissant with a delicious, creamy nougat filling and a crunchy hazelnut topping.
Butter Croissant Vanilla 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60144
Flaky croissant with an aromatic vanilla-cream filling and a fine cornflakes topping for a creamy delight with a slight crunch.