Sausage Dog 120g
Art.-Nr.: 10174
Buttery flaky pastry “swirl” filled with a succulent pork sausage. Finished with ketchup.
Veggiedog 120g
Art.-Nr.: 10779
Plump, egg-based vegetarian sausage bedded on spicy ketchup in an especially buttery Danish pastry case. Topped with crunchy millet.
Veggie poultry roll 155g
Art.-Nr.: 10190
Loose puff pastry filled with a juicy veggie sausage made from soy.
Metti Kale 135g
Art.-Nr.: 10149
Flaky pastry filled with aromatic curly kale and a hearty Mettwurst sausage. Rounded off with a delicious cheese topping.
Hot Dog de Luxe 120g
Art.-Nr.: 10104
The Hot Dog: the popular snack with a delicious poultry sausage in a pastry wrapping, finished with a sweet mustard cream made from real mustard seeds.
Bavarian-style Leberkäse Roll with Mustard 140g
Art.-Nr.: 10168
Hearty leberkäse roll in a yummy pastry with a mustard cream made from real mustard seeds.
Little Red Dog 120g
Art.-Nr.: 10170
The crispy pork sausage with spicy ketchup, surrounded by an extra-buttery pastry dough.
Bavarian-style Leberkäse Roll, cut 140g
Art.-Nr.: 10169
Hearty leberkäse roll (cut) in a yummy pastry.
Sausage Roll 165g
Art.-Nr.: 10120
Hearty poultry roll in a delicious pastry cover, lovingly rolled by hand.
“Premium” Sausage Roll, sliced 155g
Art.-Nr.: 10173
A looser pastry filled with a juicy chicken sausage. The ideal snack for hungry folks with the quality you can taste.