Building greatness together: Colucci and Bakerman.

Today, 120 employees work at our production site Colucci Pizza und mehr GmbH & Co. KG in Bexbach. Already in the second generation, creative and innovative wood-fired pizzas are developed and produced here according to Sicilian recipes with great attention to detail and at the highest level.

Production competence
Pizza and pizza snacks

Product group
Pizza (various shapes & sizes), pizza donut
Pizza boat, calzone

Bexbach, Germany

IFS Food “Higher Level” certified

Craft according to ancient tradition!

Unique taste – The biggest and most important highlight in the production of pizza, is our wood stone oven. This is fired with 100% beech wood and guarantees a unique baking result. The pizza base is baked on lava rock slabs from the volcano Etna at up to 450 degrees Celsius for about 50 seconds. The high, even heat in the wood-fired oven and the short baking time make the edges crisp and the bottom fluffy.

Pizz, Pizz, Hooray!

Our PIZZ configurator with real Sicilian soul. Fresh ingredients from selected, best origin, are handpicked to the dough. Once the shape is determined, the dough chosen and the topping created, the Italian work of art goes into a real wood-fired oven and
is baked on lava rock slabs of the Etna volcano at about 450 degrees Celsius. Only in this way the edge becomes nice and crispy and the crumb remains juicy. The herbs remain aromatic, the tomatoes fruity fresh and the cheese melts tenderly. Mmhh, delizioso.

Production of the year 2021

Yeah! Backtechnik-europehas recognized our pizza production in Bexbach as “Production of the Year 2021”.