Veganz Pizza Boat BBQ-Pulled Soy 170g
Art.-Nr.: 70476
An artisanal-look pizza boat that’s filled with plucked soy meat, crunchy pieces of pepper and courgettes.
Veganz Mini Pizza „Burger Style“ 120g
Art.-Nr.: 13191
Crisp pizza base with genuine Italian tomato sauce topped crunchy pepper pieces, vegan mince and delicious "burger-style" sauce.
Veganz filled Pastry Pocket 130g
Art.-Nr.: 30616
Vegan bag made of delicate puff pastry, generously filled with a fine vegan filling - the heavenly filling is reminiscent of creamy cottage cheese.
Veganz Dreamballs 28g
Art.-Nr.: 20615
Delicious boiled cookies made of fluffy sweet dough from soy yogurt - as a handy treat for in between meals.
Veganz vegan hot dog 120g
Art.-Nr.: 10206
Crispy, vegan sausage, bedded on spicy ketchup, in a particularly fine crispy puff pastry.
Veganz puff pastry stick vanilla 105g
Art.-Nr.: 30404
Fine crispy puff pastry with rich, vegan vanilla cream and a crunchy hail sugar topping.
Veganz chocolate croissant 100g
Art.-Nr.: 60048
Crispy croissant with a tempting vegan chocolate filling and delicious chocolate topping.
Veganz vegan ham melt croissant 105g
Art.-Nr.: 60045
Fine crispy croissant with shea margarine, filled with a vegan ham slice and aromatic vegan melting.