Veggie Breadroll Mexican Chili Sin Carne 140g
Art.-Nr.: 20082
Loose bread dough filled with a juicy, spicy, vegetarian soy-based chili con carne filling. Topped off with crunchy semolina topping.
Breadroll Cheese-Ham 140g
Art.-Nr.: 20068
Loose bread dough filled with spicy ham and aromatic cheese. Finished with creamy sour cream.
Breadroll Herbal-Bacon 140g
Art.-Nr.: 20069
Loose bread dough in a dark version, filled with aromatic herbs, hearty cheese and spicy bacon cubes.
Breadroll Bruschetta 140g
Art.-Nr.: 20080
Loose bread dough with a savory filling of fruity tomatoes, aromatic onions and spicy herbs of Provence.
Breadroll Bolognese 140g
Art.-Nr.: 20075
Loose bread dough filled with spicy beef and a fruity tomato sauce, topped with aromatic cheese.
Breadroll Pesto-Genovese 140g
Art.-Nr.: 20077
Loose bread dough filled with creamy pesto genovese. Topped off with a topping of tangy Gouda cheese and pesto cheese.
Breadroll Cream Cheese-Jalapeno 140g
Art.-Nr.: 20064
Loose bread dough filled with green, full-flavored jalapeno pieces and extra creamy herb cream cheese.